Tales from Tarsonis

Group Loot


….Being a record of the party loot….

Gold : 6417

Gems: 40 × 50gp Diamonds, 1 × 100gp gem for the door, 2 x emeralds, 1 x ruby

Gem Ink: 500gp

24th May 2017

Mandark leaves :(

-1069 gp & -500 gp gem ink to Mandark

15th Apr 2017

2 x potions of Owl's Wisdom

2 x potions of Advantage on Wisdom checks

2 x potions Fox's Cunning

2 x potions of Advantage on Int checks

1 x Potion of Peaceful Sleep

1 x Potion of Alertness

Bedpan of Spite

3700 gp – loot from sanctum

40 × 50gp in Diamonds

2000 gp from sale of books

2000 gp in reward for being awesome

-850gp to Malachai


1st March 2017

+1 dagger of life stealing (malachai)

gloves of missile snaring (backpack)

gloves of energy snaring (sarin)

belt buckle of carrying stuff (Tom)

Minbari commander's communication headset (amon)

discus, garrak's message?? (backpack)

+1 adamantium longsword (hern)

scroll – protection vs evil, commune, gate (mandark… to be destroyed!)

+1 whip of the goth, uh, fear (sarin)

Backpack o' holding! (Tbd)

+2 robes of advantage to Dex saves (Tbd)

+2 robes of resistance to piercing (Tbd)

necklace of fireball (sur)

1500gp magical ink (backpack, sarin/mandark)

amulet of ownership, artefact (backpack)

GOLD! always believe in your soul

DIAMONDS! are for…revivify

18th Feb 2017

Golem control gem
Tome of Wisdom
Dragon Whiskey
Armour of Loyalty (Full Plate +1, Advantage to saves vs confusion or charm) (Tom)
Mithril? Chainmail
Great Sword +1 (Sur Albert)
Belt of Goliath Toughness (19 Con) (Mandark)

1st Feb 2017

Unidentified Ring (Tom)
Healing Potion (3)

Potion of Protection vs Evil (2)
Naga Fangs (?)



Sanctuary Door + 100gp Gem

tiny emerald
6 x assorted jewellery
3 x vials of Drow poison
8 x lvl 2 Wizard Scrolls
1 x scroll of Jump, Longstrider, False Life
1 x Tome of Intelligence (used)

4 religious / celestial books
3 x lvl 3 Wizard Scrolls
4 x lvl 4 Wizard Scrolls

 Level 2 scrolls

Arcane Lock Continual Flame Dark Vision Nystul's Magic Aura See Invisibility Magic Mouth (ritual) Levitate Knock

Level 3 scrolls

Tiny Hut Glyph of Warding Phantom Steed (ritual)

Level 4 scrolls




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